Impresiones en Braille

Impresiones en sistema Braille
Services at Supermarkets:
Braille labeling for retail.

Blessit offers a service which enables your retail stores to deliver the goods you offer with an identification label in Braille, only for those customers who need it. Find out more about this solution.

Accessibility Services: Scale Models accessible for blind people so that they can have a notion of the location where they are, tested by visually impaired people and specialized architects.

National Parks:

In order to emphasize the importance of social inclusion and full participation of the visually impaired people, Blessit has developed an accessibility service for blind people in National Parks.

This service consists in making an accessible scale model with different materials selected according to their textures, sizes, and dimensions and which are specially tested by visually impaired people having a great experience in the signage area, in order to adequately represent those elements which are part of a National Park.

This accessible scale model, which is meant to be perceived by the sense of touch, constitutes a direct step towards participation for all blind people, as it provides full information regarding each National Park in which the visually impaired person is located.

In addition, Blessit also offers the preparation of explanatory notebooks in Braille regarding each National Park, with the agreed upon text (history, ecosystems, activities or any other relevant information) either in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

The development of innovative approaches in the services being rendered provides an answer to the needs of disabled people.

Scale Model of Iguazú National Park
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Training Courses: There are theory and practical courses for companies with the aim of generating training conditions to help to widen the personnel's knowledge regarding customer service and dealing with disabled people.


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