Impresiones en Braille
Impresiones en sistema Braille

Blessit was founded in 1999 in order to offer real solutions to big companies so that they can satisfy those clients suffering any kind of disability, by rendering the first printing service of variable scale data in Braille system, giving the public and private sectors the possibility to furnish their documents together with a copy in Braille System when people need same.
With this purpose, we developed a system to identify mass market products which, in 2001, was installed at Jumbo supermarkets, which became the first company in the world to provide a solution for the blind or visually impaired people.

Blessit is under constant development and expansion, and to the present, it has clients from different parts of the world who decided to join the career of rendering non-barrier services.
This is our great challenge…


We invite you to join us in this great challenge…

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