Impresiones en Braille
Impresiones en sistema Braille

In Blessit we develop the following

  • Braille System
  • Printing in Braille System
  • Variable data printing in Braille System
  • Invoices in Braille System
  • Pharma Braille for Laboratories
  • Invoicing in Braille System
  • Account statements in Braille System
  • Braille System for the Banking System
  • Braille System at Supermarkets

Blessit was founded in 1999 in order to aid companies and governments to achieve an accessible world for all those people who suffer different types of impairments and face several challenges in their everyday life.

The challenge we will have to rise to during the first decades of the present century is the process of adaptation to new technologies.

However, in our society, there are different groups of individuals who will not be able to benefit from the latest technological advances, unless researchers, corporations and Governments start paying greater attention.

One of these sectors is that comprising people suffering either a sensory, motor or mental disability.

Even if during the last decade, there have been great improvements in this regard, there is still a wide gap between the uses and benefits of the existing technological equipment that may be enjoyed by a disabled person and a non-disabled person.

This is the reason why Blessit was created, with the purpose of enabling a great number of people to be part of an accessible society.

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Impresiones en Braille
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