Impresiones en Braille
Impresiones en sistema Braille
Intended for:
Printing of utility bills in Braille System, Bank Statements in Braille System, other Statements in Braille System such as those from Retirement and Pension Fund Administrators [AFJP].


  • Variable data printing in Braille in accordance with the agreed lines so that same can be printed in an A4 sheet of paper.

  • Delivery deadline: 48 business hours after receiving the document. Said document is received via e-mail in .txt format containing the data to be printed.

  • Each printing includes an autoadhesive identification label printed in Braille, to be adhered to the envelope to be posted by mail, allowing identification of sealed envelopes.

  • Ink printing of the company's logotype on the paper transcribed in Braille and the client's name on the back for identification purposes.

  • 150 gram Braille paper, with maximum resistance to different treatments and handling when sent by mail, without altering its legibility.

  • All documents are controlled by blind people in order to corroborate its correct legibility and the accuracy of the data comprising each document.

  • Our company honors the highest confidentiality standards.


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